Really quick and dirty guide to get wireguard up and running between two machines. Wireguard ( is an amazing new VPN solution that is simple/secure/performant Goal is to have a roadwarrior setup, were we can connect from a moving laptop to a central server. All the traffic from the laptop will be routed through the wireguard tunnel and NATed on the central server, this way the client will be able to access its infrastructure remotely and also the Internet.

i3 hacks #1

I was looking for a simple way to bind an application to a specific i3 workspace based on its window properties. A concrete example: I want to bind application chromium-browser with webpage to Workspace 1 and the same application with webpage to Workspace 2. Step 1 is to identify the different X properties offered by our window. Launch xprop and click on the chromium window, you shold get something like:

Energy meter metrics extraction

When the Romande-Energie Group connected my house to their power-grid last year, they installed a “smart” residential credit-meter before my switchboard. As I also produce electricity with my solar-panels, they installed a digital one, that is able to measure both the energy that I consume and the one that I produce. Those meters are called smart because they’re kind of IOT appliances that can be remotely queried at some point. The model that I own is a Landis+Gyr E230.


the new version of my website, I moved from a dynamic Wordpress site to a static one. The posts are written in Markdown and I’m using Hugo for the compilation. Still some glitches to fix but so far it’s not that bad.

Photography #1

Cool picture from my last vacations in Sardegna, the beach is called Cala Luna and I took it from one of its cave, facing the Mediterranean Sea. this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License